Educational as shit. Educational ass shit.

This is shitty as fuck! Shitty ass fuck i say!

Yep porn stars are told to eat veggies and light food the day before cuz if not you’re basically giving her an enema lol.
The more you know ********’

Whatever prudish Patricia!

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It’s best with a PAWG.

Spit on it and shove it in. Ain’t that hard.

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If it ain’t that hard, you might need more spit.

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Another thing to add to the guys who put shit in their ass and say they’re aren’t guy is the fact that men fuck and don’t get fucked so the hell you aren’t gay!

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Not really my thing. Why go up the ass when you have a perfectly good vagina right there

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What a shitty webpage

The ass is where magic is kept.

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Magic smells terrible. Probably why all of those old wizards lived alone in a tower


Pics or it didnt happen

I might be in the minority where I prefer anal porn but prefer vaginal sex… not sure why. Probably just a weirdo!

Too much prep, lube, smell and after affects to do it on a frequent basis with my lady. Although some bitches are really into it, dated one of them but she had a LOT of other issues.