Analogue Synthesizers?

Actually, it doesn't have to be analogue.I'm looking around for a reasonable cheap noise generator I can make hideous sounds with. It doesn't have to be a keyboard, just a unit with lots of knobs - filters and occilators.I'd like a moog but I'm not forking out that kind of money.Has anybody tried one of these?

every try out Reaktor software ?

lots of tweakability and you can make insanely horrible sounds


that thing looks cool

Yeah, very cool.

I'm kind of looking for something I can noodle around with in the real world though, if you know what I mean. There's nothing quite like a real life feedback loop :)

This looks cool too. $200

This looks fun, but from the samples sounds incredibly retarded.

That Roland SH-32 looks like a good tool for learning how analog synths work.

now the Roland looks kick ass-

single handedly the only analog synth you'll ever need...

"are you talking sense or what?"

I have an old 21-key Korg that I got cheap at a pawn shop. I never figured out how to use all the patches and weird things on it.

ohh yeah.. Dave Smith gets the fuck down...

very cool pieces...

if I had the cash though.. I'd still get the SunSyn first...

Dave Smith comes second

Yeah! Now were getting somewhere. I playeed around with the Korg and the Roland at the music shop last night. They sound very very cheesy, especially the vocoder.The sunsyn looks amazing, but a little out of my price range.I'm digging the evolver though.Maybe I should just svae up and get one of these:

you could buy the new Moog that came out.. no need for the votage controller and shit.. all MIDI...

great for the rig that most people have nowadays

That is the new one, pretty cool eh?

ohh snap.. wasn't paying all that much attention..

RESIN HIGH *shrugs*

Beave, Crispy has a wonderfull analogue synth he is selling at a great price.

The search is over. God be praised.

PS, my new snake bit me, and you have a smarties gig Mon AM, I worked all afternoon on Nike, so its your turn. Typical Dik Sherman whooshy crap on Smarties. End crap only, second spot.


What happened, they change the picture again?

"Just a few frames"

AND...clients came in sat. am, and wanted "options" on a bunch of crap, and a totally different treatment of one :15.

Crispy is panicing.....and I refuse to do anthing else to the POS.