Really enjoy the pin escape and gaurd passing vids!
My question is about learning to analyze moves properly.
for instance, do you usually start at the core or hip area, then progress out to the limbs?
I was really interested in your reverse engineering thought processes.
Since i am old and have injuries, i need to learn to think more clearly and approach grappling from a mental aspect.
Do you have certain keys you look or feel for?
thanks for any info

The main thing is that take control of 100% of the lesson. I make the instructor go live as I am not interested in what the instructor wants to teach or what he thinks he knows. I want to figure out what he does in real time live action.

When I analyze a technique, I usually begin with something very specific or a specific problem in mind. I usually have my instructor do the technique on me and then I offer the specific resistance that I am having trouble with. From there, I start to look for the reason why he is able to make it work and I am not. After that, I often begin giving variations on resistance and seeing what my instructor does.

I really don't have any keys to what I look for. I just look at and feel everything and try to figure out how it works. As far as I know, I don't have any specific formula that I work. I just know how to do it and it is a very slow process. I can teach my students something in 30 minutes that took me 3 hours to figure out. The only way I think that you can possibly learn to do this reverse engineering is to watch me do it. However, I don't think this is something that any beginning or intermediate student can do. They don't have enough knowledge and experience to do it. Several of my students have seen me do it and have said that I have asked questions about things they never thought to ask.

Bolo is also particularily gifted in the other aspect of this: if a student has problems doing something, he can figure what they are doing differently than him, or need to do differently, to make it useable for them.

I've been on the receiving end of Bolo's I mean...."questioning" techniques ;-)

All I have to say is that, Floro Fighting Systems, have evolved more in terms of effectiveness, structure and instruction with time spent with Bolo than any other person.

Granted it can become frigging frustrating when at 3.00am he's still asking questions about what my little finger was doing when I split his skull in two.......but hey.........that's Bolo