Isn’t real anavar supposed to be hard and expensive to come by (on the black market)? I remember 5 years ago or so a lot of people who thought they were buying it were actually getting something else

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Correct. It’s one of the most mislabeled products out there, which is why I got the test kit. I researched the brand that I bought, found some other people online who had purchased it through the same channels, and they found that it was legit. So hopefully that gets me to where I need to be, but just in case, I’ll be testing it before putting it in my body.

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What test kit did you get?

Can you link it. I’m looking for a test

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Are you actually a patient with Defy and if so, have you gotten Anavar prescribed? I’ve been very interested in them, but have only read stuff on Reddit and random bodybuilding forums promoting their services, which are both traditionally unreliable. I’m on TRT, so the labs and getting my current stuff through them wouldn’t be a problem. Curious to hear from an actual patient of their’s who I can trust isn’t just a shill of one form or another.

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I’m an actual patient but just for test.
My local urologist knew absolutely nothing about it and wanted me to come in every 2 weeks for a shot.
Defy has been great

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Good to know.
Do they compound the Test there or at one of their pharmacies and mail it to you or do they just cut you a script. that you pick up at any pharmacy? I read that with at least some of the stuff they prescribe you have to get it from them or one of the compounding pharmacies they use. Just curious about the quality if it’s through them or one of the pharmacies they have their stuff made at.

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This is the one that was recommended to me, and purchased by me…



Yup. I read about them on Reddit and figured I would give it a shot. We were going over options after I did my blood work and I asked about oxandrolone to help me loose some fat. She said it would be a good idea and prescribed me 22.5 mgs everyday for 12 weeks.

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I’ve tried it before (black market) but I’m sure it was something else. I can’t remember the name of it at the moment. I’ll post when I start taking the real stuff and see if there’s an effect.

I suppose I could contribute my steroid guru knowledge and share reputable long time sources if one were so inclined to get in touch with me

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Sorry, it’s 23.5.

Ever been in a serious gym? Go in there with elite power lifters and tell them you run var. lolol You will get laughed at and ridiculed and maybe fucked from behind.

It has benefits, sure. But no real cycle is running var. Maybe as a bridge or on a pct. I’ve yet to meet a dude who just runs var as his go to. That’s a silly thought. If you can get the real stuff, there’s a million better options, you wouldn’t chose anavar if you had choices. Unless you had a pretty little pussy between your legs.

None of that is true. It’s flying all over the place at serious gyms

Are you in an all girls jazzercise gym? lololol I lift with big giant fucking men. Never in all my years has a serious dude said, " I’m running var!" Never once. There are serious girls in there tho. Big muscular women, they run anavar. Well and other things.

Im not saying no man takes anavar. I’m saying if you have access to test alone, you would take test 99.99% over anavar. Just do a simple google search, this is known throughout the world. It’s called “LADY VAR” for a reason.

Maybe that’s where the confusion is. It’s used as a stack, not by itself. Test AND Var. I’ve used it, some monsters I worked out with used it (well black market stuff, pretty sure it was T-bol or winny). It’s great to stack because you cut really well while maintaining a pump and you get super vascular.

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Also, “lady var” is just a small dose of var. 5 to 10 mgs, I believe. Just google the difference. It’s not called lady var in general.

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I can say from experience that if you with a woman and she wants to take anavar then you should let her. the results in females can be outstanding. additionally, it sends their sex drive through the roof. I met a 24 year old at LVAC, we chatted and decided to hang out. She works at one of the mega pools here in Vegas. On the date she mentioned wanting to dial in her physique (which was already insane but…women). I mentioned anavar and she said she would like to try. We dated during her whole run on anavar and she rode me like the Wild West twice, sometimes 3 times a day. Then she would go home and FaceTime me while she was using toys on herself. It makes them BEYOND horny. I still see her occasionally depending on which location I go to. A really fun time for both of us. This thread has me considering letting her know I still have some!

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Powerlifting is gay.