Anchorage, Alaska

Anyone know of some good judo clubs in the area? It is most likely my next military assignment.

Anchorage Judo, I think. It's in the yellow pages, or go to the for a list of clubs in AK.

Bob Brink is the sensei there.

I visited when I was in Anchorage 3 years ago. Small dojo, but OK. I don't know if there is another one there.

Another resource is

Ben Reinhardt

Thanks a lot, is the instructor good? I don't really care about the size of the school. NOT


Cool! You should enjoy Anchorage. When you get a chance, head south to the Kinai Peninsula. Seward, a town at the southern most point of that peninsula, was easily the most beautiful place i have ever been to. The highway that runs from Anchorage down south into the peninsula, the Alaskan Scenic Highway, is world renowned.

There are Army and Air Force resorts down in Seward, they're something like 50$ a day during the summer, cheap. They have daily Halibut fishing trips running out of the Army resort, saw quite a few 100+lb halibut being weighed there, cheap to fish too!

Cool, thanks for the information. What about the judo/grappling school sin the area?

I don't have any first hand experience with any, but here's a link that may be of help:

Hey, thanks a lot I really appreciate it.

I was in the Anchorage dojo in January, and they had a good heating system so no long undies were needed in the dojo.

I don't know how good an instructor Bob Brink, or who else they might have there now. I suggest you go try it out and see what you think.

Ben R.

Cool, Thanks for the information.

No doubt. O and i forgot to mention the summer cruise ships, carrying women from all over the world, that stop at Seward's docks for days at a time. Man I miss that place.