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What technology do you think is stagnating?

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Pretty much everything.

Probably his most recent that takes into account all the new evidence since then…

Maybe take a peak at america before. It’s about 3-4 years old as opposed to 30.

For one thing that has changed is he also never believed it was a comet in fingerprints. Yet now he does…

He’s doing what people should when new evidence comes out. Revise your theory and take into account new evidence.

And that’s what he criticizes academic archeologist of. He often states that they already believe they have it sorted.

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Evidence of human activity in the Americas pre land bridge crossing theory from 2017

That’s made some researchers say Huaca Prieta should join the small but growing list of pre-14,000-year-old sites that have revolutionized scientists’ vision of the earliest Americans. Archaeologists used to think that people walked from Siberia through an ice-free passage down Alaska and Canada, reaching the interior of the United States about 13,000 years ago. In recent years, however, well documented earlier sites like Chile’s Monte Verde have convinced most archaeologists that humans made it deep into the Americas by 14,500 years ago, meaning that they would have had to cross Canada long before an ice-free corridor existed. That would have left them with one logical route into the Americas: down the Pacific coast. But direct evidence for such a migration is lacking.

Now what Graham has issue with is some ignore this and instead try and force it to fit into the old belief system. Which is what they have been doing with the megalithic sites.

Now that you know human activity was on a much older and grander time scale perhaps evidence like the water erosion on the Sphinx can be accepted as taking a very long time under intense water would indicate and it is in fact much older than 3000 BC or whatnot


Bro we made time crystals though! TIME CRYSTALS. Still not totally sure what they are… But we made them!!

And in reading that science article, they link to this article.

14,500 year old stone tools found at the bottom of a river.

I like this line. Easy explanation, catastrophic event.

Over the course of two seasons, Halligan and Waters discovered butchered mastodon bones and a handful of other stone tools, though none as old or technically impressive as the biface. They also took the opportunity to analyze the sediments themselves, looking particularly at a specialized fungus that lives exclusively in the guts (and dung) of herbivores. For thousands of years, the sediments were full of that fungus, suggesting the presence of megafauna like mastodons. But at 12,600 years ago, all traces of that fungus vanishes—suggesting that the mastodons themselves may have disappeared from the region around that time.

Older tools being more impressive than newer ones. I didn’t know technology moved backwards

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Not backwards, but lost or unknown. Haven’t you been listening to Graham?!


Technology is not “stagnating”.
Scientific progress is still probably accelerating.
Though this is a hotly debated topic.
For sure it COULD slow down in some areas. Like computing power. There to what we can put in the size of say cell phone without breakthroughs.
But as of yet moore law still applies.
Every 2 years computing power doubles.

Yes experts agree that computers should reach the physical limits of Moore’s Law at some point in the 2020s and this will create a ceiling. But even if there are ideas that pan out to change computers (there are many) there is nothing to prevent them finding a way to make the things in your cell phone ever still smaller, like say GPS. Plus the cell will get better cause websites and apps u use will still get better. We will satellites & cell towers and everything else.
And that’s just computers.

I was very sick as a child and during just my lifetime they effectively cured the disease I had that’s been around for a million years,
Think about how different your childhood was from your dads.
My childhood as mostly outdoors playing stick ball and looking for things to do cause tv and videos games sucked in the 80’s.
I’d argue that my childhood was more similar to a child’s life 1000 years ago than it is similar to a kids today with the cell phone, great Tvs and video games.
I actually think the internet and social medias changes to the world in just the last 20 years may be more than the previous century.
And it’s just beginning. Seems to me that people are told what to think now and what’s unnaceptable rather than developing their own thoughts. Kids today are as much machines as the kids of my youth.
We’d spend all day outdoors and our parents had no idea where we were.
Half the 25 year olds I know don’t have a checking account and are socially the level of teenagers at best.
The world is a different place that even the 90’s. Totally and this was driven by technology.
Frankly i don’t see any way back and one day it will be commonly understood that social media ended natural society.
But then again maybe it just seems that way ti me since I’m old goddaggint!


There has been a 'lost valley’s theory of a civilization that was locked in a inaccessible place for thousands of years that developed a high tech relative to their time. But, when the glacier receded or whatever protected them went away, they civ had to disperse.

Finding that ‘valley’ has been problematic but the concept is still viable… Just unlikely


i seriously want to do a frat on this, Hancock being a brit he knows all about the paradigm shifts in UK archaeology since the 60’s and the changes in theory the last 20 years…but you lot would crucify me lol. He’s right and he’s wrong about archaelogists.

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I’d like to read that…

Here’s a bit of a frat…

A girlfriend of mine was an Archaeologist in the early 90s.
I swear to god that she was who they based Lara Croft on…

She dug at Sutton Ho on the last summer.
In 1939 they discovered some amazing things there… basically because the mound they were digging had been moved by the wind .
She reckoned that the pit she was digging had also moved…she wrote a report on it before she left, requesting that in the last few weeks, they didn’t just bulldoze into it.
Her report was accepted and they carefully excavated the pit…and found another shitload of gold etc…there was an exhibition at the British museum about it… obviously the site director took the credit.

We went to Hereford in England together where she was on the team that excavated the cathedral before they built a library next to it… basically it was a black death pit… nothing but skeletons all the way down… Bunch of psychologists were brought in to talk to the diggers whom it freaked out…


Did they figure out what color the boat house was?

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She is the only person I’ve never been able to find on the internet…

Think she married a Canadian and moved there…

If u watch archaeology’s latest news sites(as many of us do) there’s often more than one story coming a day that starts something like

“Cooper axe found in England CHANGES OUR UNDERSTANDING of trade routes”.
Or “latest discovery PUSHES BACK the peopling of the pacific islands by millennia”.
There is no science like ancient history. It is CONSTANTLY changing.
It seems rogan is unaware of this so he has on nutjobs that act like science is controlled by the town elders from the movie “footloose”.

All Hancock has to do is go to Antarctica and actually go on a dig (first time for everything) and find evidence of Atlantis.
Instead he sits in his room (or on rogan) posting his random opinions.
And that’s really all they are.
He’s like Eddie bravo talking about the moon landing connecting random bits of info and filling in huge gaps with silly theories.

Hancock just COULDNT BE MORE WRONG about how Archaeology is done.
Please don’t take his word on anything.
Simply peruse websites like
Go back years on it and you’ll see we are constantly changing our views on everything.

We just ask for evidence. It’s that and only that that makes Hancock object to mainstream archeology.

I would LOVE to find evidence of an unknown super advanced civilization that pre dated Mesopotamia.
Archaeologists to a man would be thrilled with the idea.
There’s just no evidence besides the musings of a random weirdo

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Lol really stuck on Antarctica are you.

You must have never believed anything when you were younger than when you learned of new evidence changed your theory.

Must still believe in Santa then?


I totally agree that Hancock couldn’t be more wrong about how archaeology is done. BUT there are archaeologists, and archaeologists.

There are still some who stick to the processual only view, that science has all the answers, that there has to be a “ladder of civilisation” even when there is evidence saying otherwise.

The changes in British archaeology since around 2000 have opened up a lot of Arch Theory thinking - even staunch views have come out and said, look, there’s new evidence on my work, I’ve looked at it and changed - I recently read an Ian Hodder article doing exactly that, so it is influential.

Look at Relativism (in arch terms) they come straight out and say, we DONT have one perfect answer, and should consider all possibilities, and that several ideas might be right.

but NO, Hancock will tell you ALL archaeologists think one way, and decry him. Well, him personally yes lol but evidence…thats a different story sometimes.

What kind of alien technology is that ?

Wait, aliens came and helped shitholers build pyramids that were used for human sacrifice to Satan? Hol up…

The pyramids were built by demons?

lol Hancock literally addresses this exact thing in the Russell Brand interview, which I imagine master mind over there hasnt even watched. He basically says in the interview that he has written hundreds, thousands of pages, and his haters choose those few pages from years ago to try to discredit all his research. Mahoney is not very intelligent.

As an aside, Graham and Carlson have an open invitation, and if master mind watched the last Rogan talk with them he would know, to any “main-stream” scientists who would like to debate them on Rogans podcast. So far no one stepped up. The last time they did, Michael Shermer and his professor buddy got their asses handed to them. Shermer has actually even come around and agreed with some of Hancocks material. Just ya know… sayin.