Ancient Pro-Wrestling

Check out the thread I made on the history forum. It contains some images of pro-wrestling moves from ancient Egyptian art which I came across during my PhD research.

That's pretty damn cool.
I could only really see the resemblance of two of the moves.

The top one looks like the Olympic slam.(Angle Slam)

Then one of them looks like a tombstone piledriver.

From top to bottom, here's what I thought of:

1 & 2) Angle Slam

3) Piledriver attempt countered with a backdrop

4) Tombstone

5) Bodyslam

6) Human torture-rack

If you find anymore information on Egyptian pro wrasslin,then please share more with us.

I've written a 260 page chapter on Egyptian wrestling. I would offer to email people a copy, but the file is 40 Megs.

Added a new pic to that thread.