And 10 Years Later...........

Royce Gracie shocks the world AGAIN!

Ten years ago, we watched as this skinny little 165 pound Brazilian busted out and WON 3 of 4 Vale Tudo tournaments, right before our very eyes.

And NOW, ten years later he does it again!

Almost nobody gave him a chance against Yoshida (including myself) and just look at what he does. He goes to Japan, sheds the gi and shuts all our mouths!

Congratulations to you Royce, on an awesome performance in ShockWave 2003! Those pictures of the fight tell us 1000 words..............

I will never, ever count you out of another fight as long as I live.




Mike, diga ao Royce que todos no Brazil, mesmo de outras academias estavam torcendo muito por ele.

Abra├žos cariocas.

cariocaJJ - I sure will, Kid already called him and told him about reactions in Brazil and he could have not been more pleased and proude. As you know to the day he fights representing Brazil


Props to Royce


What the hell?

10 years ago, Royce was submitting his opponents (most of the time).

I'm impressed at Royce's performance, but deeply disappointed in his behavior before, during, and after.

(i.e. the groin shot, the shit talking, etc..)