And good website designers wanna trade

For a revamp of my personal site?  I have a few websites and know what they cost and am not asking for anything free.  However I don't wanna drop another 3k+ on a site.  Take a look at, and for examples of what I'm looking for.  Now take a look at and you will see where I need help.  The site was created in front page from a very good buddy that donated his time long ago but I need this site to be on par with the others.  It actually gets more hits than all of them (minus Nogi).

Anyway I dont know what i can trade but if any of you have the skills and any ideas on what we could do let me know please and thank you.

Chris Brennan 

Chris, can you email me please? I think I might have a really good solution for you...

You want your site to say "Down for Maintenance"? :)

I might be able to help you, but I am on disability from my full time web design job at the moment. I will have to see how that works.

 Weird haha I guess the hosting company is down becuase both sites are down.  Nice timing lol

First thing you need to do is get decent hosting. I can help you with this and with re-designing your site.

 The NGSP and NGMMA sites listed above I can update myself and it's really easy.  I would like something like that only becuase I don't want to have to bother someone else to do it when I have news and stuff and I always have news and stuff.

Who do you host with? Send me a message I do some but I have my buddy do the back end of the sites we work on. So send a PM. I will see how we can help

 Godaddy does the Chris Brennan site and a company called AWS (athlete web services) does the other ones.

Chris I am not a pro but can give tips. I would go ahead and use Wordpress (free) as your base as its the best combo of being the most easily extensible (add-ons, modules, functionality) and easily maintainable (i.e. ease of admin menu and so fort) if you choose to keep it up yourself. Joomla and Drupal are not as well sorted and despite being very powerful, they tend to lend themselves to more custom development as they're less user friendly.

Wordpress is just as good though. CNN, the Wall Street Journal,, and tons of others run on Wordpress. So do tons of personal sites. It'll do whatever you need.

Also, if you want to make posts on the road to a blog section, upload photos or vids etc there is a native Wordpress app for iPhone and Android.

I would not pay a single dime for a third party Wordpress install, many web hosts will do it for free on your account.

Your least painful option financially is to have someone customize an already great stock theme rather than have someone do a completely new design.

You can look through some inexpensive commercial designs from a number of companies here:

But first and most important you need to figure out what you want on the site as far as features, make a list - feedback form, message board, schedule/calendar for seminars and events, store, etc. etc.

Once you have all that, you can go to a designer with a list and they'll know what to build.

any other tips shoot me an email.

 thanks guys.  those other sites are back up by the way


Check your email and write back.


 My shit is down can't return emails till tomorrow



 Emailed you, I hope to hear from you soon!

- Nick


I emailed you also. We have worked together in the past and I'd love to work on something again for you man.