And I...eee I...will always love you Miesha

Win or lose Miesh Miesh, I will always love you. Our relationship didnt last long, but it was strong and passionate. I loved when you would make oversized donuts that fit around my private parts. I promise to not beat your boyfriend up next time I see him. 


Haha was this pre or post Cindy? Phone Post 3.0


UGCTTNpNe - Haha was this pre or post Cindy? Phone Post 3.0

Sometimes Cindy in the morning, Miesha in afternoon...back to Cindy at night.  And Vice versa

Is it true when they say pimpin ain't easy?

Even more than a fucking cold god damn busch lite.

Reggie i just wanted to tell you that im your biggest fan and i want you to teach me how to beat up ufc fighters.

akb62 - Wth** I thought you were black Phone Post 3.0
Noob Phone Post 3.0


akb62 - With I thought you were black. Phone Post 3.0

Only some parts! oh bam! Thats racist!

I'm not jealo...wait. Nevermind. Phone Post 3.0

Logic MMA - Is that Keith Stone?

Dude is smooth as hell.

Busch Light shouldve endorsed me and their beer would be as popular as that one pussyboey y Keith Stone promotes...they took that idea from me!