And Ninja... he looked TERRIBLE!!!

Props to Ninja for wanting to be all honorable and represent Chute Boxe in the Gran Prix, but if this was about Chute Boxe representation, how in the FUCK are they gonna send in Ninja with a gut like that?


Ninja looked like chubby hell on two legs. All that extra weight he put on went straight to the gut, which made him look soft, which prompted Kharitinov to go to the body multiple times... which in turn, made Ninja buckle from punches early.

His wind was shit. His agility was shit. He had no reaction time. His takedown defense was obviously light-heavyweight minded.

Ninja is making the transition from Jiu-Jitsu to Jiu-Fatsu quite nicely. And when I heard about Pele going up in weight, I got kinda excited. Chute Boxe isn't going up in weight class, they've just stopped dieting. That guy who posted about Ninja being in incredible shape is a sack of ass.

I'm Not to flame, but.... well... I better let someone else jump in here.

Sure, respect his effort all you want... but if he's going to come in at a higher weight, you'd figure with physiques like Pele's and Vanderlei's coming out of Chute Boxe, they would have produced something a little bit more impressive.

I agree. Ninja looked like crap.

If moving up in weight means putting on 20 pounds of flubber, it's just not worth it.

Uncle Justice is corrrect as well.

Ninja wasn't prepared for the big height disadvantage, and reaching for the head tired him out quickly.

Now, PELE, I'm hearing is up to about 220.

That's some incredible stuff if you ask me... him at 220 can only mean one of two things: juice or there's now a McDonald's on the lower level of the Chute Boxe academy. Either way, if Pele is guttin it up, I'm gonna be terribly unhappy. It would signify a lot of things that are wring in the Chute Boxe organization at this time.

It also may suggest that the quality of Vanderlei's training partners is set to see a decrease of substantial proportions. both as far as applicability to Vanderlei's necessary regime, and the type of training the Chute Boxe academy can offer a fighter like Vanderlei.

Ghost - Pele is not with Chuteboxe anymore

Yea, he's Brazillian Vale Tudo now correct?

"Ghost - Pele is not with Chuteboxe anymore "

Oh yeah?

yeah that was disappointing.. he looked like shit.

Ninja was never cut, always flabby and has some of the best cardio out there.

This isn't a physique contest...

Just for the record, Ninja got ROBBED against Dan Henderson a few PRIDE's ago. Ninja clearly beat him. I know, yesterday is calling, so I'll leave...

what the.. last YEAR is calling and it's pissed

i saw some seriously feminine standup by ninja in the gp..

I thought Ninja would come in and be impressive. As soon as I saw him walk to the ring, I noticed how balloned up his face was and very Seinfeld like said, "That's not gonna help."

He looked like he was not used to his body and couldn't really do anything.

It was tough as a fan of Ninja to watch that fight. I expected him to come in "looking" less than spectacular appearance wise-no big deal as the guy usually is very fit cardio wise.

When his opponent came in-damn he was much bigger-it is a HW tourney so no suprise there.

Then Ninja gets slammed and beat down, I was feeling pain for the guy. I hope he loses the extra weight and continues to fight around 200 lbs.

I would love to see him drop the weight and fight Rampage.

If you are the trainer of the Chute Box Academy how do you even entertain the idea of fattening up an already "kinda-flabby" Ninja and sending him out there with legit heavyweights. Ninja could have been really f*cked up if that was Fedor pummeling him.

I give Ninja much respect for getting in the ring with the HW's. He was dwarfed by his opponent and stood in there and traded with him. What did anyone really expect him to do? It looked to me like he hurt him a few times, too.

Sergei Sergei Sergei

Why didn't Chute Boxe send Assuerio Silva? I think he would have fared better.

Let me get this straight....Ninja goes into the Grand Prix fat, out of shape, unprepared....gets surely a nice payday and we owe him respect? I think Ninja owes Pride a big "fat" apology.