And Now You Know

You Are Going to Get COVID Again … And Again … And Again

Will the danger mount each time, or will it fade away?

Two and a half years and billions of estimated infections into this pandemic, SARS-CoV-2’s visit has clearly turned into a permanent stay. Experts knew from early on that, for almost everyone, infection with this coronavirus would be inevitable. As James Hamblin memorably put it back in February 2020, “You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus.” By this point, in fact, most Americans have. But now, as wave after wave continues to pummel the globe, a grimmer reality is playing out. You’re not just likely to get the coronavirus. You’re likely to get it again and again and again.

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Published: June 10, 2022

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Get vaccinated people


I haven’t caught it yet. Unvaccinated too.

Reinfection rates are super super low for unvaccinated.

And lol @ using the Atlantic as a source for anything.


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Get fucked Pinko


I’m sure the next big wave will conveniently crest right around early November, in a politically convenient coincidence for Democrats.


Viruses get progressively weaker as the less deadly variants outcompete the more severe strains.
The flu that was a tad nastier will become a regular flu.

An no, that doesn’t mean there will be now two types of flus. Corona also competes with the rest of the flu family. In fact, other flu variants almost didn’t show up at all during the “pandemic”.

If there ever was a viral nothingburger, this is it.

Also, definitely don’t get vaccinated.

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Here is to your "vaccine "!!


Trudeau tests positive for coronavirus days after meeting Biden