And. Silva v. "The Crow" on Spike

Anderson Silva v. David Lousieu(sp) on Spike. I'm guessing this fight will be the main fight on a Ultimate Fight Night or the TUF Finale. I would also venture that it will happen in June since there is no pay per view that month.

Awesome matchup.

Info can be found on the UFC website in article about sketching out future fights.


goes to real quick like

The Griffin-Shamrock fight will be on the UFC 61 undercard.

Loiseau, meanwhile, will face a tough challenge in Anderson Silva, a highly touted Brazilian with a 15-4-0 record coming over from the rival Pride circuit.

White also confirmed that big changes are planned for the fourth season of Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter, which starts filming in two weeks. Look for the show to feature established fighters this time with some kind of title challenge as the pot at the end of the reality show rainbow.

That matchup is THE BOMB.


Awesome fight....


Silva will win, props to Dana for getting him to the UFC. It should have happened years ago though.

It would have if he hadn't dishonored his contract.
Nonetheless, he's in the UFC now and a fight with the Crow is a great style matchup. I believe he wins convincingly and quicker than Franklin did.

Good fight.

I dont think there is any size advantage to the Crow.

185 heating up again!

I thought Silva was fighting at upwards of 205 but I might be thinking of Pele.

Silva seems to always be smaller than the other guy...doesn't seem to matter most of the time.


I thought it would be a good match up, but upon further in the world was Franklin's standup better than the crow's?

If that was the case, Silva could really put a beating on him.

I thought he KO'ed matt at those jungle fight...

I hope silva can catch him.