And. Silva v. "The Crow" on Spike

Much like they put Tito-Griffin as the third match of the night and AA-Sylvia 2 as the main event, AA-Sylvia 3 will be the main event again for July 8, and Shammy-Griffin will be undercard.

Geese Jones

O man so so so glad UFC is gonna get Anderson Silva

"It would have if he hadn't dishonored his contract. Nonetheless, he's in the UFC now and a fight with the Crow is a great style matchup. I believe he wins convincingly and quicker than Franklin did."

Win or lose a guarantee it will be much quicker then the franklin fight!

It kind of HAS to be quicker than Franklin's fight, as it's only 3 rounds...

Great matchup, should be exciting as fuck, too bad I live in the Netherlands now :(

My money is on Silva though -- KO, rd.2

"LOL at the UFC's inferiority complex."

LOL @ the irony

Dude, you're a douchebag.

The UFC should have a Television Title. Double A would approve.


Wow, there's a lot of great fights coming up. I've also read that the UFC might be on HBO in the near future.