And the CAVS win the Championship!

Get used to it, folks... This is going to be in headlines all over the world.

You heard it here first.

LOFL@ the eastern conference.

"As far as the eastern conference reference, umm remind me what happened last year in the NBA finals?"

umm remind me what happened an hour ago? The EC best team is 7-8 against WC teams, and just got destroyed.

"I'm wondering if LeBron will be sucked into a big city team like LA or NY or will he be faithful to his hometown?"

The Lebron's endorsement contracts have a stipulation that if he plays in a big market city he will receive a lllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooootttttttttt of money. I guess in a few years we will see.

i just watched em squeak past the bobcats by 2 points in overtime. nba champs my ass.

Don't underestimate the Bobcats!!

The cavs alreay beat the Suns once this year... it was a great game