and the northern lights commenced

To Glow...

Nanook don't go!

This is probably of no interest to anybody but its sound related to back off, pal. If you'd care to listen to the northern lights, proceed to download this link:


Natural Radio" describes naturally-occurring electromagnetic (radio) signals emanating from lightning storms, aurora (The Northern and Southern Lights), and most importantly, the Earth's magnetic-field (the Magnetosphere).

Unlike sound waves which are vibrations of air molecules that our ears are sensitive to, natural radio waves as received at ground-level are vibrations of electric and magnetic energy (electromagnetic waves) which--though occurring at the same frequencies as sound--cannot be listened to without an audio-frequency ELF-VLF radio receiver to convert the natural radio signals directly into the same sound frequencies. Another amazing realm of nature is thus ready to be explored and observed.

For more info on ELF-VLF recordings go here:


This has been  a public service announcement from Dasbeaver.

and you got in a Zappa reference to boot!

Damn... I missed that the first time!

Music of the spheres.... I like it.

Ever notice the spheres sound sort of like a guy eating a box of Cracker Jacks?

LMAO. I hadn't noticed, but you've brought my appreciattion of "sublimity" to an altogether new place!