And the undisputed GOAT comedy series is...


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Phuckles -
Smellde Gluve - The Office UK and it's not even close.

Family guy is number 2. Phone Post 3.0

Family guy can have #2 but nothing from the UK is even in the to5 100 comedy wise. I have watched shows that never had a second season that were funnier than any single british comedy I have ever seen. 

Lol no, England pretty much has a monopoly on the greatest comedy shows of all time - Peep Show, The Office, Only Fools And Horses, Brass Eye, Fast Show, Inbetweeners, The Young Ones, Fawlty Towers etc etc. Phone Post 3.0

Jhay - Oh just an fyi

My router's name is "The Banana Stand"
That's a vote up. Phone Post 3.0

Phuckles -

or fuck your mother...

Pretty sure it's called how I met your mother Phone Post 3.0

The Man With No Screen Name - Cheers

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I can get behind this for top five. Mash is up there too. Third rock is a show that never got enough love in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0

WKRP Phone Post 3.0

Squirrel, Blue Belt - One game.

Four touchdowns.

Polk High. Phone Post 3.0
Was hoping someone here had some taste.

Married With Children = GOAT Phone Post 3.0

King Trav - WKRP in Cincinnati.

It also has the single funniest episode in the history of TV. The thanksgiving one. Phone Post 3.0
Maybe the smartest thing I've ever seen written in over 15 yrs on this board.

Have a VU Phone Post 3.0

I'm black so I'm going with Martin

One time he called Pam marmaduke!! Lolol Phone Post 3.0

Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken??