and the winner is.........

SERRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrads to Matt .

Should have been a draw.

Forced to choose, then I'd say Lytle won the fight.

Bad deicsion.

I don't see how the first round could have gone to Serra.

The second round was close. The major exchange was foot stomps by Serra and punches to the body by Lytle. It was close but I'd give it to Lytle but wouldn't complain about giving it to Serra.

The third round Serra got a takedown but did absolutely nothing with it. They both did nothing for about a minute Then Lytle won the second half of the round. Lytle wins this round.

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IMO, should have been a draw.

both had ok moments.. nothing they did stands out.

Matt (the smaller guy) kept attacking and pressing..

Chris (the taller guy) kept trying to avoid the ground game..

both got a few pops here and there, but no real big scores.

Congrats to Matt!!!

Matt controlled the pace of the fight - he was the agressor - Lytle was on defense 90% of the time.