And you say Jones can beat Tyson?

Bitches please. Tarver the dopiest looking fuck there is just proved that Jones can be taken out with one shot. If you honestly think Tyson cant eat Roys weak as punches and put the lights out with a shot to the head you all better watch Tarver, somebody I consider highly overrated, knock out RJJ.

I agree. If RJJ cannot take Tarver's power, he sure as hell can't take an elite heavyweight's punch. And Ruiz is not an elite heavyweight puncher, he is a greco roman wrestler boxing, lol.

Tarver isn't overrated.

I despise Ruiz lol, but yeah I was having my doubts until I saw Tarver put his lights out with one shot. I have no doubt that Tyson can land a brutal shot on RJJ, it may take some time but if he can get punched in the head by Lennox round after round Im sure RJJ isnt gonna put a funk on him in a hurry.

and Tyson can take a shot. Its not like he is easily put down. Sure he got worked by Lennox but even that took some time and Lennox was landing a helluva lot of clean shots, and while Lennox may not be the most powerful he certainly throws the leather 10 times harder than RJJ

of course I have been less than Stellar with my boxing predictions so who the fuck really knows lol

jumping on the bandwagon? I have always been a Tyson fan. He is my fav fighter. Fuck Tarver I think he is overrated so I am jumping on no bandwagon, tonight just gave me valdiity in presenting this argument.

Yes, I say RJJ would handidly OWN Tyson in a lop sided UD!



lol @ the Tyson nutriders now trying to say how Roy wouldn't be able to handle Tyson. Keep drinking that special kool aide boys! Nobody's unbeatable, and I wouldn't want to be Tarver in the rematch (a motivated Roy is NOT someone to be fucked with).

Tyson 2005 baby!

"Nobody's unbeatable, and I wouldn't want to be Tarver in the rematch (a motivated Roy is NOT someone to be fucked with)."

Yeah, I think that was said prior to tonight's rematch:)

Tarver is a great fighter, Tyson is not. Tyson hasn't won a meaningful fight in like 10 years. One has nothing to do with the other.

"And you say Jones can beat Tyson?"

Yes - quite easily, in fact.

lol striker (first time we disagree on a fighter, was bound to happen). To the others, stop putting Tyson on a pedastal, the Tyson of today is NOT the one from the 80's (still dangerous though).


Iceman, you are not very knowledgeable about boxing or fighting in general, for that matter.

People lose fights.. so what..

All you guys need to get off of tyson nutsack... sure, the man hits hard, but he's been past his prime for a decade now.

Roy jones has been the #1 pound for pound fighter for almost 11 years... he lost for the first time tonight(the griffen dq doesn't count and we all know that)... so what

And you mention tarver as "the dopiest looking fuck there is" like as if somebodies looks have anything to do with fighting ability.. are you a fag?... sure sounds like it if you're worried about that... go post some more pics of "iron mike" for you to jack off to...

Tarver is a real deal. I've always thought that he would be a star in LHW if there is no Roy Jones Jr. Roy still proved tonight that he is as dominant as he can be. Tarver is good but Roy was working him good until he landed that one and only power punch. Anybody can get caught. The thing with Roy last night was that he was going for the kill and that always allow for more opening than his usual defensive style. I don't think he would fight Tyson in the same manner as he did Tarver last night. And in heavyweight specially, there is always the "puncher's chance" and everytime that Roy decides to fight a heavyweight, he will always
be in danger of getting KO. In LHW, against Tarver, anyone could have been KO'd with that punch.