Anderson clearly showing rib pain pre sonen (pic)


hope this clears it up for all the sonnen fans that didnt think anderson was injured pre fight.

During the fight if you look REALLY closely between the first and second round (I think), he grabs his ribs for just a second and then QUICKLY moves his hand away as if to hide the fact he was grimacing..

He's going to buzz saw Sonnen this time. It won't even be close.

 pfft doesn't matter anyways, Chael still lost

Lol I guess I have rib pain too cause I look like that every time I'm tired Phone Post

Im goign to make a gif right now for you fellas, while i wai for the DVR to get a head a bit for the prelims so i can fastforward through that 100 commericials they always do!

 Reality... what parallel universe do you have to be in to agree with Sonnen? LOL

He shouldn't be proud of hitting a man 300 times and doing virtually no damage.

Anarkis - 
inf0 -  pfft doesn't matter anyways, Chael still lost

Chael says it best when he said, "Now in what kind of parallel universe do you hit a man over 300 times, he then WRAPS his legs around you for 8 seconds and they declare HIM the winner?!"

He also said "I got the silver medal." "I would rather be going to the hospital with the belt than doing this interview (with Mike Straka)." And agreed that it was "poetic justice" he got submitted after what he said about the blackbelt coming from the Nogueira brothers. He also said "I believe him" regarding the rib injury. From the UFC 117 post fight press conference and his interview with Mike Straka the day after UFC 117. You can look it up.

Heres one for starters

 So what? Sonnen hit him so hard the concussive force of the blow actually created a time warp which broke Andersons ribs days before. He's lucky Chael pulled the punch or the universe might have ended.

 I am happy to see inf0 supporting the BJJ expert :D

here is another gif this one is better ... blues

man i hate to see how badly some of you will take it when anderson knocks sonnen out

 He asked Sonnen for mercy.

 for McCauley:

Harmon Whistler -  for McCauley:

 He had the excuse set up like a pro.

 haha oddly enough that's exactly what he did only real quick in the fight...