Anderson Silva, F**K You!

 I've bought every single one of your PPV's despite the fact that I could've DL'd or streamed it for free.  I gave you the benefit of the doubt against Cote and even Leites, but UFC 112 was definitely the last straw.  I know you  will come up with some cockamamy excuse as to why you decided to act the way you did again but it doesn't matter, cuz I will never again buy one of your PPV's if you are the main event.  Fuck you Anderson

I love Silva. He is putting the penis up Dana White's large mouth. What is Dana going to do? Silva is the face of the UFC. Silva can do anything he wants because he has the leverage. The UFC can cut him and strip him because it does not matter. He is the pound for pound champion. That title leaves with him. Silva can go to strike force, japan, or boxing and still make millions.

yup that was embarrassing.

fuck you dude...

thanks Anderson Silva for putting on a great show

just knocking Maia out would not have adequately demonstrated what a joke this fight was

thank you for sticking it to dana and by your actions demanding better for yourself and for the fans

I'm actually happy that Silva is dicking around the UFC. He's clearly upset with the match ups he's had and if someone won't fight him, he'll do just enough to win the fight

DravenTyler - He still gets paid whether you watch or not.

Not if he gets a cut of the PPV

"He still gets paid whether you watch or not. I doubt Dana will miss you either."

Actually it's just the opposite. Dana would lose no money if Silva was gone, but he would lose money if guys like the OP left.

i wont order anymore anderson silva ppv's.. his fights are not entertaining..

Ok, let's see if Dana's has to drive a junker to work next month without the OP's revenue.

i get your point, but i have yet to hear of someone who wasn't dissapointed with that circus horseshit... if no one buys the next card Anderson is on, Dana will feel it.

OP X 1,000,000 like him

Ricky I agree I can see the same dog and pony dance show downtown in the streets of Chicago without paying $50

StretchPlum - OP X 1,000,000 like him

 ^ And to Kenflo24, Maia and Leites may not have stood a chance, but Silva should have just put them away.  I honestly don't know what the hell the dude is thinking goofing off and clowning for five rounds. If he wants people to think he is the best, he should be putting these guys away in the first, not taking them all to five round decisions by clowning around. I mean, hiding behind the ref? Seriously? J U V E N I LE

Maybe he's just developed some kind of mental problem.

fuck him

 I've had this thoery on Anderson for a while now; I think this is a way for Anderson to tell the UFC that he wants bigger and greater challenges (like those @ LHW and HW), but he's not the type of guy to be straight forward and just ask for it., he rather express it through humiliating his opponent and putting on a clown act to embarrass everyone.  I don't know, but his antics are clearly on par with his martial skillz.....

StretchPlum - Maybe he's just developed some kind of mental problem.

Probably from drinking that Bony Acai

 Fuck Anderson

First round was funny... Rounds 2,3,4,5... not so funny.

First two rounds were hilarious actually

If Anderson is such a fucking bad ass and greater than everyone,then he needs to quit taunting and dancing and start rolling around with Maia on the ground.  I mean if he's so amazing then get busy mother fucker.  Your jits and fighting is so amazing WELL FUCKING FIGHT ASSHOLE.

Everyone saying oh well he's sticking it to the UFC and wanting better fights. Well how about sticking it to them and ending the fight in the first 30 seconds?  Then maybe people will actually want to pay to see his next fight.  By the time Anderson is done "sticking it" to the UFC, no one is going to give a flying fuck about Anderson Silva anymore