Anderson Silva is not

Fedor. you guys act like he is some unstoppable beast who can't be beaten when he beat chris leben and Rich Franklin who everyone, according to the posts i have read, thought was a paper champ anyway. Get off the nuts.


Well he's not black, that much is for sure.


This is a weak thread. I can understand you not being happy with those who act like he's unbeatable.

But Anderson was DAMN impressive last night and deserves to get props from people here. You act like it's something that happened 5 years ago and people are still talking about it. it happened last night, the man deserves his credit and the boards SHOULD be scattered with posts about his great performance...

Correct ^

It WAS just last night.

i agree - he is a great fighter. i just think its hilarious how people that knew nothing about him now think he is superman and wanna jump on the band wagon because he beat someone alot of people didn't think was good in the first place.

p.s. i think there are black people all over the world - including brazil

Stupid thread......If anything most on here thought Franklin was this inbeatable champ. Silva is NOT unbeatable in MMA.......However w/ the talent pool in UFC he could very well be INVINCIBLE.

More senseless trolling. Being a dick just to be a dick.

I concur. Md = Dickhead