Anderson Silva Lumbago: Is normal

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                                Anderson Silva Lumbago: Is normal

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                    <p>There was considerable alarm among the hardcore fanbase when it was learned that former UFC middleweight champion <a href="" target="_blank">Anderson Silva had collapsed in pain</a>, said he couldn&#39;t feel his legs, and spent the night in the hospital.</p>

The diagnosis was lumbago, or lower back pain, something that 40% of the population will suffer at some point during their life. For athletes in a contact sport, the figure is higher.

Dr. Márcio Tannure, medical director for Brazil's regulatory body CABMMA, said that Silva's training would resume and that the fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on Jan 31 was not in jeopardy. Now, in a report by Davi Correia for, Silva and his camp further downplayed the incident.

Silva's coaches spoke with and said they were surprised by the extent of the media attention.

"He just felt a normal pain," said one. "We did not understand the proportion it took, The pain can return, as he has already felt it before. But it is not going to harm his career."

Dr. Tannure offered a similar opinion.

"He has felt this pain before," said Dr. Tannure. "It has nothing to do with the surgery.”

"Strengthening and balance of the muscles are the best prevention for this type of problem, along with reducing the training intensity."

Treatment for lumbago is not exotic: Rest, therapy, muscle strengthening exercises, and anti-inflammatories. Dr. Tannure expects "The Spider" to return to normal training in 10-15 days.

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