Anderson Silva vs CroCop

Who would have won if these two had fought in their prime? I would have to go with Anderson Silva, because he was a faster and a more dynamic striker, plus he was better on the ground. CroCop was a great striker, but he was more 1 dimensional than Silva. Silva would avoid CroCop’s high kick and either pick him apart with his counterstrikes or he would take CroCop down and submit him.

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Cro cop destroys him - bigger, more powerful, just as technical…


Crocop all day, standing or on the ground


CroCop was bigger and much more accomplished as an actual kickboxer. If we are talking primes, CroCop all day.


The rock in your screen name must refer to a crack rock




Right leg hospital, left leg cemetary. Crocop all day.


In their respective primes, Cropcop all day


As Anderson’s number one fan Cro Cop wins.


Cro Cop.

No way bro, I’M Anderson’s numero uno fan!

But yeah, Crocop.

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I think CroCop’s combination of power & speed would start to be too much right away.

Idk. We’ve seen a MW knock out a HW before


Prime Cro Cop was absolutely vicious. He also had some of the best takedown defense in the history of the sport. There is zero chance it goes to the ground.

Bad, bad fight for Anderson. CC just way too big, way too juiced, way too technical.


Cro Cop vs Coleman. Coleman, who had some of the best takedowns ever, had Jack shit for Cro Cop. You would think Cro Cop was a goddamned Olympian with the takedown defense he learned.

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Your mum

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lol now thats the quality posting we’re after

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In no way shape or form was CroCop ever as technical as Silva.
CroCops best weapon was the left high kick. How would Mirko set up the kick against Anderson? He would have never caught Silva by just slinging it up there like he caught all the other MMA guys.
As far as striking goes, Silva is far more well rounded and versatile, has the reach and is just as tall, far better defense. While Pride GP Mirko was a force to be reckoned with, mid to late 2000s Silva was a striker of a calibre never seen in mma. Would have been a close and fun fight to watch for sure


Cro Cop would maul Anderson and destroy his legs. Cro Cops actually competed in multiple Kickboxing matches. He even won the prestigious K-1 Grand Prix. How many Kickboxing title Anderson win?

still interesting how cro came to ufc being #2 in pride, he sucked in ufc

and silv wasnt great in pride but ruled ufc