Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida

This is my dream match-up. Lyoto has been handling everyone he fights, but he's yet to fight a world class striker. Anderson Silva would be by far the best striker Lyoto would have faced, and it would be interesting to see if he could maintain the range he uses so well against other fighters.

Both Silva and Machida are masters at fighting from their range, I have no idea where the advantage is in this fight. Silva wouldn't just charge in like everyone else, he would pick his spots better, but Silva has never fought a guy like Machida so how would that translate exactly?

On the ground these two are seemingly equal. From the clinch it's tough to say who would have the advantage as well. Machida has shown the better wrestling (taking down Tito) while no one delivers the punishment in the clinch like Silva.

This would be a really interesting fight. With the clock apparently ticking on Silva's career, I really want to see him tested to the fullest. I don't think Cote and Leites quite constitute that. Both are great fighters and deserving challengers for the middleweight title, but neither are really in Silva's league.

What is the general consensus here...who would win this fight?

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I would absolutely LOVE to see this fight. Machida would do better than most against Anderson, but would slowly get picked apart IMO

Sometimes seems like Anderson takes a while to get set in front of dudes with slightly awkward stand up, and since Lyoto is the definition of that I think Lyoto could exploit that and keep him off balance with movement, in and out strikes, and trips like he does to everyone. I also dont think Anderson could clinch with him without getting tossed on his butt. Lyoto by UD for me.

I'd take a prop bet for no punches landed in round one.

dest roy park I think the best striker that hes fought would be Sam greco a very good very accomplished kickboxer and they have both said they would never fight each other they're good friends. I think Anderson has said that Machida owns the 205 belt. But if they did my money would be on the dragon.

Ahh yes I forgot about Sam Greco and Michael McDonald as well...both were good K-1 fighters. I never actually saw either of those fights. When K-1 started doing MMA for awhile they had very good cards but I rarely caught them.

As for the possibility of this fight...I have no idea, but it's my dream match. I've never heard one speak about the other, so I don't know if they're friends or what. I know they were training partners in the past but didn't Noguiera and Silva start their own fight team? I didn't think Machida was with them any more.

this would be prob the best fight out right now...too bad it will never happen

I'd be happy to just see a clip of them sparring.

dest roy park its pretty easy to find the interviews where they have said they wont fight each other and anderson did actually say that the 205 belt belongs to mach.

Cung Le vs Silva/Lyoto would be more realistic.

Magic8 - LMFAO@ Silva picking Lyoto apart.   Dude was getting out-boxed by Franklin before he could clinch!


ziggystardust - I'd be happy to just see a clip of them sparring.


empty octagon imo