Anderson Silva- work?

his 2 losses in pride r very questional to me. I mean a flying leg lock and a triangle from the top. That has always seemed fishey to me, anyone else or is it just me.

takase and chonan were good enough to have legitmately tapped anderson.

EDIT: i read that back to myself an it sounded like I was saying that they were works. No, I actually meant that Takase and Chonan won those fights legitamately cuz they were good enough

Did you watch the fights? They were legit losses. He got schooled on the ground in the fight against Takase (one of japans best grapplers)...the loss with the flying leg lock was crazy but it wasn't a work..Silva was tooling that guy and he just got caught..

i didn't think Silva was tooling Chonan

that was then ,this is now .Silva has improved a lot since then

i think silva would have one that fight by decision if ryo didn't pull that heelhook out of nowhere

thanks to prode for running such a shady operation that this is a legit question

too many fighters are on record that pride tried to pay them off to take dives and for every one that admits to it theres ten that will deny it


He's just a C-level PRIDE fighter. Now he's a UFC Champ.

jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk "I love you FEDOR !"

anderson seems to be about the same to me

of course I watched the fights and takase and chonan are not what I would call world class grapplers and at best descent strikers

gotta feed the kids IMO

of course I watched the fights and takase and chonan are not what I would call world class grapplers and at best descent strikers"

weak troll attempt

chonan record 13-7 with 2 sub wins takase 7-11 with 3 subs. Lol at one of Japans best grapplers.

I tap people out with flying heel hooks on a daily basis....

ok guys chonan just got really pumped up when he fought Anderson. What was I thinking

The Chonana fight was a work. Even Bas made a comment that Silva tapped before the heel hook was even applied. The Jap's love to build local talent.

the takase loss was def suspect

LMAO at this shit. takase is a serious threat on the ground and only has such a bad record due to his TERRIBLE eyesight he is almost blind.

Even a totally gassed lutter outgrappled silva for a while. why is it so hard to believe chonan and takase beat him?? those are called UPSETS dude. LOL.

BTW he sure didnt look so great against otsuka did he?? Was that a work as well?? Face it anderson is human and has good and bad nights.

"the takase loss was def suspect"

Only if Silva is a good enough actor to portray a fighter who totally took his opponent lightly, came in unprepared, and figured all of that out about 40 seconds before he got caught in a triangle...

You'd think if it were a work, they'd want to make it more dramatic. It basically looked like Takase submitting a nobody.