i just watched the Silva/Okami fight

Silva landed one of the most brutal upkicks ive ever seen

that dude is super flexible

he threw the upkick from the side while okami was posturing and caught Okami with his heel, flush on the side of his face

im amazed how cleanly he caught him with this kick

DQ or very impressed

Pride must bring this guy back....hes a force

ps...Ricco Rodriguez is a very good commentator

very impressed with Jake Shields

he put on a clinic vs menne

dominating ...imo

wow...that knee Condit landed was bad ass

hes gonna be a force at WW for years to come..imo


im watching it online

go to

for 9.99$ you get 1 hour and 40 mins of fighting

its freakin amazing man

you dont wanna miss this

they are showing 4 tourney fights aswell as the cabbage/butterbean fight.not sure if they are gonna show the kengo/malone hoping they do

Trigg, is real big @ 175

ps: you get the event for 48 hours

so you can watch it as many times as you want within that time span

hahaha...Trigg throws out a YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOW!!! for the Hawaiian fans

great tourney

im thinking for a good idea , they should have Charuto fight Anderson Silva as a alternate match

just in case someone gets hurt

Ummm, against Trigg... someone WILL get hurt... YOU KNOOOOOOOW!!!

OMG....CABBAGE/BUTTERBEAN was a fucking war

Cabbage was kicking his ass in the first round, butterbean won the second round, you could see cabbage was in alot of pain due to the busted up arm

too bad he couldnt finish

woulda been a nice 3rd round

ALL IN was a freakin AMAZING event

i hope they do this for every event from now on...because they just got a new fan in me

TTT for rumbleword(ROTR)....great site with great production

fan for life after this

The Penns are certainly legit when it comes to fighting

Silva would KO Rich Franklin.

^^^^^ i agree

his standup is badass

i dont think Rich would wanna stand with him for very long, especially not after taking a few knees to the face

silva has some of the best footwork and movement ive seen in MMA

i like Franklin...but i dont think his standup is anywhere near Andersons

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very good prelims also, great fights and a unbelievable up kick from silva

Silva had three rounds to KO Ryo Chonan (KO'd by Henderson and Bustamante in seconds) and couldn't do it, even though the fight stayed standing for most of it. He also didn't do any real damage to an injured Jeremy Horn in a fight that, again, was mostly standing. He's kind of hot/cold.

regardless of the past...hes looking real good his last couple fights

i think he could be a force in any org at 185

he needs to work his takedown D and he will be just fine

somtimes a technical striker is easier to deal with if you are technical yourself.

Both chonnan and Anderson are mainly kickers.

Baroni and Hendo are mainly punchers.