Anderson silva's fur coat

tell me someone has a picture.

I own one too. Dope coats

murderers!!!! (throws paint on thread)...

LOL @ Jacktown Judoka

I'll bet 2 more shiney nickles he pulls some hatchet wound with that coat

i swear i almost fell out of my seat whe i saw ti i was thinking look at that las vegas playa in the crowds with the pimpin coat... looks kinda like silva.. no wait that IS SILVA

I wouldn't be dissin' Silva's coat or else he's going to have to warm up his pimp knee!

That coat was pimp!!!!!!!!!


it's great to wear a coat like that with a tshirt under it LOL

He'd make poor old Shonie look like a corner pimp with that coat.

Anderson is tough, while in Vegas he went and killed one of those Sigfred and Roys tigers and skinned it out with his bare hands an made himself a coat ;)

Rob And Big Black were right behind him.

he wore it with knickers and Red pumps...

on a side note the funny part of all this is Shonie carter actually dresses like that all the time.. it is NOT an act..

shonnie is classic and clearly number #1 in the game but anderson is a close second