Anderson Silvas Request for New Lab Denied by NSAC

Bob Bennett, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NSAC), revealed that the representatives of the Spider have already made application for the rebuttal of his examination be performed at another lab. But the first defeat came: the request thread denied.

"They wanted the B sample was analyzed at another laboratory, but we can not agree with that, because does not fit the standards of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). If they want to rebuttal, they can travel to Salt Lake City, observe check that the B sample was not contaminated and wait for the results," said Bennett.
Translated (Google)

Are they not allowed to send it to a different WADA lab? There aren't many in the US from memory, but there is more than 1.

Why should they be able to? Anyone who fails a test gets to have it examined by a different lab? That's basically admitting that lab may be incompetent.

well allegations that the sample was contaminated have been made by everyone from oj simpson to sean sherk. And it worked every time.