Anderson to 205....

Is he going to stay at 205? Or just this once?

Will it hurt the middleweight division if he stays at 205?

I see him fighting in both but probablt less as mw as the lack of challengers there would only neccessitate the occasional defence

 According to all the articles he will still defend his MW belt. But if he choses to change that i think it may actually help the MW division. It will at least be competitive again. =)

looks like both

props to Anderson for always looking to challenge himself

I think it is great. Let him move up and have a challenge. When a guy in the UFC is actually ready for a title figt at 185, he will drop down and do work. Honestly, who the fuck wants to see him fight Franklin or Nate again?

It is a bold move by Dana to risk his "untouchable champ".

The UFC is trying to set up a Super fight for Chuck beofre he is done. Anderson Vs. Chuck you wait and see.

"It is a bold move by Dana to risk his "untouchable champ"."

I do believe it is also Anderson who is taking the risk to am I right?

Makes sense. Anderson is being asked to move up just like Chuck Liddell was asked to move to Heavyweight once he had no challengers left in the UFC. Oh, wait. That never happened. Guess it's O.K. by Dana for Chuckie boy to pound on retreads and no hopers while he's hyped to the max but can't have that with Silva, no sir.