Anderson trained two more rounds post fight.

How gangster is that shit. The 2nd coldest man in the sport.

any video

What do you mean trained two more rounds?

you mean he finally decided to break a sweat and hit something?

Click on his post fight vid, not the press conference.

Ryan Wilcox is an internet spartan! Only a keayboard slob of his magnitude could possibly be qualified enough to put one of the greatest p4p fighters in the world in their place.

Thats pretty interesting he did that. But does he do that all the time tho?

Most of his fights have gone 2 rounds...does he stick around and do 3 more rounds in the back?

ha, awesome

I recall Cro Cop did something similar after a KOing someone quickly in Pride.

Not his fault that Cote's body couldn't hold up. His french ACL surrendered at the site of a true alpha.