Anderson vs. Logan, Vitor vs. Jake

Since Dana would obviously cockblock the Diaz bros vs. Paul bros boxing megacard that should rightfully happen…

Anderson Silva vs. Logan Paul
Vitor Belfort vs. Jake Paul

Same card.
Lets get these legends paid and take home a double win for MMA.

Book it plz.


Those Paul brothers are not going to step up to that kind of match-making yet.


They will at least wait until Anderson and Vitor hits that big 50 year old mark.

Ah, the Canelo gameplan.

Lose to GGG, then drawed him. Now he’s gonna wait til he’s 40.


Jake will not fight Belfort. Not a chance in hell.

I think he’d take the fight.

Vitor and Anderson embarrass any combination of the paul bros. They aren’t dumb. Not gonna derail their gravy train yet

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Chael agrees with me, see towards end of video:

I’m surprised Jake would fight Jorge.

If he goes through with it, it’ll be hard to keep saying he’s taking easy fights.

I don’t believe for a second he’d take a fight with Vitor though, he can’t be that stupid. Vitor would walk him down into a corner and start throwing bombs until Jake’s body and mind are completely broken.

Serrano smokes nunes in boxing match.

Masvidal loses to Paul if he takes him lightly

He’ll “torture his body, so his soul learns to be humble”

Jorge will destroy Jake

Would be awesome but Jake is already ducking Anderson

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There’s zero chance the Paul brothers ever fight Vitor or Anderson.
They are not getting murdered on PPV. They’ll keep fighting wrestling based MMA fighters, not two striking based masters from MMA. They may be old, but they have a knowledge and skill gap that could never be closed.

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Vitor texts Ariel in the middle of a Jake Paul interview to challenge Jake Paul, bets 30 million dollars.

Timestamped video: