Anderson vs. Machida - Greatest fight ever.

Would be so incredible.



Won't happen.

Silva vs Sonnen 2 more likely.

I prefer:
Anderson vs. Fedor
Lyoto vs. Jon Jones

A fight pitting two counterstrikers would actually be an incredibly boring fight. It'd likely go to a decision. If there's a KO, it'd probably be by Anderson however. Since Lyoto does have a tendency to stick his chin out when moving out.

I would prefer andy vs shogun

It would be a great match up that will never happen. They are great friends and Anderson has said it will never happen. Phone Post

 Considering Anderson has better hands and muay thai than Shogun, I don't think Machida would do so well.

 Pairing up two elusive counter strikers is not a good idea.  It would look like Severn/Shamrock 2.

I still want to see it

As pros they should fight. Forget this team mate/friend BS.

Put down enough money and it should happen

sorry but i'd much rather see silva vs jones. not even close.