Andersons Reaction To Nate Calling Him Out...

Holy Shit! Anderson Silva is Black??!!

dark roast Mr Bean = classic

Dirt - dark roast Mr Bean = classic

Someone needs to do some p-shopping.

 Pretty funny!

lol japetto

Ew0k187 - i thought it was more like he was impressed with nate and kinda like ya why not cant say anything bad about that

he basically said all that with that face of his

No, it was pretty much the opposite with that face of his.

How much english does he know? Maybe he just heard his name and thought that reaction would be legit.

I think Anderson is like Fedor that he probably understand english pretty well, it's just that he isn't comfortable speaking it.


he heard Marq call his name out.

after a fantastic KO.

The crowd goes crazy.

this ain't his first day guys. He knows Marq is calling him out.

I think he was saying, "ok, then its not my fault when i kill you."

japetto - 
MW - His facial expressions remind me of Mr. Bean


Yeah, but a bit more of a dark roast.
ok...that was funny

"Everybody wants to fight me but nobody wants to pay me."

Anderson is awesome.

lol@ that douchebag behind him in the green shirt.

LOL@ the several douches behind him pointing and hollering


Anderson not impress by Nate's performance.

 I hope Henderson puts that juicer Nate to sleep.