Andor - official trailer

Yep, i agree with everything you have said.

I also had no care for Andor in Rouge One. I had only seen it once, so went back last night and watched it again. And I think because he is not the typical Star Wars hero, he didn’t stand out, which makes the possibilities for his character more interesting.

I also read this is the first live-action Star Wars series to be made without the use of of the StageCraft digital background technology. It was made with “real” sets in England and Scotland , using Pinewood studios as the base ( this explains why so many UK actors have been used).

During the covid lockdowns a couple of guys i mountain bike with stumbled across them filming in Glen Tilt in the Scottish Highlands. At the time we all figured it was for the Obi Wan series ( It was around 40 miles from where Ewan McGregor grew up).

It’s been that way for a number of years. Something like Disney grooming kids to accept homosexuality mixed with overpowered female leads and weak males plus a dash of Black Ariel.