Andre Arlovski vs Pe De Pano (Vid)

Good to see Andre back to is old buttkicking ways. The fence grabbing was pretty blatant at the end there but I think Herb was busy watching Cruz to see how he was doing underneath. I didn't notice it the first time either. I don't think it would've altered the final outcome of this fight anyway had he penalized hiim for it.


Most of those final punches were illegal(back of his head)...all of these launched from a leveraged advantage due to the fence grab. All this after just receiving an illegal kick to the face...harsh way to lose.

after watching it again after a drunken night , what was Herb thinking ? Ref must take control . That being said , what a short devastating punch by AA. PP was out. Thanks again MK.

Hey grappling wizard PDP you just got kicked in the face illegally on the ground where you are clearly better, stand up

"no thanks"

cheap punch

fence grab

punches to the back of the head


you can see arlovski waiting for the moment to let that punch go when they were on their backs. His mouth was moving around like an animal before it attacks.

I'll wager that Herb was too focused on the shots that PDP was taking to the head to see the fence. I bet he watches the replay thinking "WTF..I can't believe I missed that!"

Blatent fence grab that totally negates what PDP was trying to do.

Not a cheap punch.

Fence grab was questionable, but Herb didn't catch it.

Punches were to the side, and Herb warned AA on the two that were to
the back of the head. But that initial punch after the resumption did
the damage.

Bad officiating, though. It should have been stood up, PDP should have
had time to recover from the kick, and then resumed. But PDP wanted
to stay there and he got punched in the face.

illegal how?

MetaDevil summed my thoughts up exactly.

OK, the fence grabbing i see as illegal, but how was the punch from the restart illegal? PDP was already going for AA's leg when he jacked him!

Any video of this fight?

It was pulled because I am a moron...

Glad to hear it

umm if you guy are gonna pull UFC vids, please pull all the illegal pride vids. Don't protect the UFC because it's American.

I had the Pride ones up too until I got my hand slapped.