Andre 'Boring' Ward

Nuff Said.

Show strike force god damnit !!! Phone Post

Horrible thread, Ward was amazing.

Mad "Bad Troll Thread" Muzzy.

"Nuff said."


 lol fuckin shit stirrer

I thought it was an exciting fight by both fighters. OP sucks. I hope he chokes on the VTFDs.

Exciting fight. Slap yourself. Phone Post

I didn't think the fight was boring at all and I don't really even follow boxing. Phone Post

He's boring in the same sense that GSP is, he dominates his opponents but doesn't have a fan friendly style. Also, neither man could be called cocky, which is part of the reason someone like Mayweather gets so many viewers.

fell asleep, what?

kj noons gettin schooled, what happened before this?

What a bitch the op is. Ward is a class act AND a world class boxer. Haters gonna 10. Phone Post

Madmuzzy - fell asleep, what?
Must have been watching Froch who landed half the punches. Serves you right. So if the boring fighter won fair and square how boring must the opponent be? Twice as much?


rite ok i wasnt hatin just yeh ward is the ultimate point fighter, he at no point was looking for the finish, looking forward to strikeforce card after kj bad dec.

canny few, how many are point fighters? Guess what? not fucking many.

"Boring fighter," is the new sour grapes.

Vincanni - "Boring fighter," is the new sour grapes.

Or a perfect definition of a boring point fighter.

 Weren't the boxing fans here saying the Super Six would create the next stars? I don't foresee Ward selling any PPVs.