Andre "Dede" Pedineras in Montreal

I feel obliged to reiterate this information as the last thread has lost it's wheels.

Andre "Dede" Pedineras will be conducting a BJJ seminar at GAMMA on Friday, May 21. He will be in town for one night only.

Andre Pedineras is one of the top BJJ teachers in Brazil and is responsible for the creation of many World and MMA champions.

Cost will be $40 for the seminar. It will be limited to 20 places.

Contact GAMMA at or 514-281-9928 to reserve your place.




I wish it was on a Saturday ... oh well.


On Saturday he will be cornering Wagnney Fabiano in Quebec City at the TKO.




That's one hell of a cornerman! Good luck to Wagney for Saturday.

Spell check:

André "Dedé" Pederneiras.

(sorry, could not resist)


Actually I had spelled it that way (Pederneiras)before, but since Kashk had it spelled this way I changed it to maintain solidarity.

Sled Dog = Class

what time is the seminar beeing held at?

To the Top!

Seminar is at 7:00pm.

It will be a Gi seminar.