Andre Fili vs. Daniel Pineda

Up next… .I got Fili

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Fuck me…Pineda is tought as shit.


Amazing chin on Pineda

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Why does Herb jump in to block Fili from attacking when Pineda is getting up? Defend yourself at all times.

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Also, that head kick in round one was very reminiscent of Anderson vs Alex Steibling back in Pride.

Well, that sucks.

They made the right call his eye is jacked.

UFC, just use the Pride style gloves you fucking morons!

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What did Andrea teammate shout when walking away

Sucks that was very entertaining. Can’t believe he took that head kick. About 4 different shots would have had many others out cold

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I wonder if DC will catch shit from the brass for continuing that interview with Pineda after so many F bombs. Lol