andre galvao instructional

anybody have his set, I didn't even know he had one. Its a 5 dvd set for $90.

ttt for a review or opinion. thanks.

I posted a pretty thorough review when it came out; solid set, hopefully a blue-namer will TTT my reivew that had a lot of others give their feedback as well (all positive).

where's the book???

Like mchapman said, I think it is a really good set. His review had a great breakdown with it. It is a lot of things you have seen Leozinho, Ricardinho, and Ramon Lemos do and other things that are tweaks of moves you probably have been using for years. Good stuff overall, with some discs being better than others.

i really like this set of videos. More than the attack techniques, is about the details. This set worth like 5 sets. It covers how to move your body and defend yourself from many positions like close, open guard or how to maintain the back position. Or how to push opponents head, how to move your hips or how to grab opponent lapels to difficult his movements.

For me this kind of "tips" are 100% more valuable than techniques and are the ones that make your game improve. This set is a must like saulo or Maia sets.

This is the kind of Jiu jitsu i believe, simple but tight and based on details. Of course i like so much cobrinha style, but i know that i will never be able to play this kind of game :-).