Andre Perdernieras in Montreal

Andre "Dede" Pedernieras will be conducting a BJJ seminar at GAMMA on Friday, May 21. He will be in town for one night only.

Andre Pederieras is one of the top BJJ teachers in Brazil and is responsible for the creation of many World and MMA champions ( Shaolin Ribiero, Leo Santos, BJ Penn, Joao Roche, Wagnney Fabiano, and many more) He is one of the two heads of Nova Uniao, one of the top 5 BJJ teams from Brazil.

Cost will be $40 for the seminar. It will be limited to 20 places.

Contact GAMMA at or 514-281-9928 to reserve your place.

Sled Dog, Nova Uniao has won the last three world championships.


I had a feeling you would add what I could not
recall when I posted. Actually they have not
competed in the last two mundials (or some, the
world championships) for reasons I quite
sympathize but have concentrated on the copo do
mundo (sp?) instead.

He has also had many more world champions
than I listed, but if I put the wrong ones I would look
quite the fool.

Suffice to say, the man is it when it comes to
knowing how it gets done on the mat or in the ring.

A rare opportunity to work with the man and maybe
meet some new people.


My perspective is that two world championships a year have been held for the past two years. Nova Uniao also won the 2001 Mundial.

ttt for Dedé!



I am not contesting your perspective(AND NEVER WOULD), just trying to show that "Dede" looks great no matter what methods we use to evaluate him.

How can it be the World Championships if there was already one in place. Call it the world cup or whatever else you want but don´t try to mislead people buy using the title World Championships. Considering as well Gracie Humaita and Gracie Barra don´t even compete in the "World Cup".

If someone doesn´t like the way the Olympic Games are run or organized should they go and try to start a new one? This has only done one thing to our sport and that is made it weaker.

Kashk you´re always sounding like the fat spoiled kid on the playground,,,,"My Dad is smarter than your Dad" "My Dad could kick your Dad´s ass" My Dad gives better head than yours."

Not everyone has their Mom stitch Nova União in their underwear and socks.

Sled Dog,, Sorry about the thread hi-jacking...

Sled Dog - Thanks again for bringing the talent to MTL.

Kashk - Stop trolling.

Kashk is just very passionate about his team.

By the way people should really check out this seminar. When I saw him in the last seminar, he actually looked like he gave a shit when teaching and was very attentive to questions students would ask unlike many other people who give seminars.

Sled Dog I never disagreed with what you said. Miz, many guys from Humaita compete in both, they just call themselves Saulo Ribeiro or some other team.

Sled Dog I never disagreed with what you said. Miz, many guys from Humaita compete in both, they just call themselves Saulo Ribeiro or some other team.

rene r. are you serious about the trolling remark?

Miz sporting events have different world titles. Even
boxing has different branches and why can't there be a
second world title for BJJ. Dede has giving guys a
great opportunity to display their skills and win

The only thing that makes the sport weaker is two of
the top teams not supporting both events and that my
friend is the fault of both teams not just one. Open
your eyes and you will find that Dede has done what is
best for BJJer's who want to make a living doing the
art they love.


to big bird

Kashk - Intermittently.