Andre Ward fights 2morrow...

In boxing tomorrow, Andre Ward fights Carl Froch. Going with Ward by TKO. Your pick?

Ward wins UD 115-113 Phone Post

I got ward Phone Post

Ward by decision.

But I'm hoping for Froch by TKO in the later rounds.

Everyone seems to be writing off Carl Froch but im not.<br />
<br />
I think Froch can win a decision or by stoppage. <br />
<br />
Hopefully we
ll see a fair fight & a fair decision (if it goes that far?)

Ward by UD

hopefully ward i cant stand that forest supporting cunt COME ON YOU RAMS!!! ten men! we only had ten men! we only had ten men!!!! Phone Post

Did he end up training with Nick? Phone Post

Ward via UD, prob 116-112, he'll have a rough time the first few rounds, but he'll pick it up as the fight progresses and Froch will eventually wilt under the pressure Phone Post

S.O.G. by UD