Andrei Arlovski doing another UNIVERSAL SOLDIER

So it looks like Andrei will be returning along with Van Damme and Dolph in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: A NEW DIMENSION (yes, they are shooting in 3D). New US cast members Scott Adkins (Boyka from the UNDISPUTED sequels) posted this:

1st days fight rehearsal. Luckily for me the Pit Bull knows how to pull his punches.

Check your sources brah, not Universal Soldier it is a new martial arts movie he plays the villain:



Scott Adkins does some pretty sweet fight scenes...


Good for him, hope he finds something lucrative outside of fighting before he gets his brain completely scrambled. If he ever plays a villain who dies at the end, he can totally play dead with his eyes open.


I miss the old animal version of AA.

This metro version of the last several years is disappointing.

That pic was taken at my gym. Phone Post



Phew I was nervous reading a wolfman post where he wasn't talking about himself and his own personal interests rather than the subject at hand...thank God he reeled it back in to make his post about himself for the ten thousandth eight hundreth and twentisecond time.

No joke, Roy Jones, Jr. has also joined the cast of this one.  EPIC!

RJJ ftw

Adkins is great. He MADE Undisputed III.

Behind-the-scenes video by Andrei where he awkwardly tells his dog he is a good dog before saying, "Fuck you Maximus."

With Van Damme:


Van Damme looks like John Locke from Lost in that photo

UltraMagnus - They need to put metal inplants in Arlovski to keep his chin steady... Hes a ko waiting to happen....

You know, it isnt actually damage to your chin that causes you to get KO'ed, right?

So apparently Wes Shivers is in this too:

GracieStriking - for some reason i love seeing arlovski getting ko'd. much more so than any other fighter.

everytime i have heard arlovski talk - he has always been obsessed with personal gains and talked like he was better than he really is. you can only get away with that kindof talk when you are ontop, he isnt even close, he sounds like a joke/a guy who has taken too many shots to know whats really going on.

Fuck off you stupid 11er.

I liked the other universal soldier films