Andrei Arlovski meets The Fight Nerd

The Fight Nerd chats with “The Pitbull” Andrei Arlovski to discuss being bullied growing up, business with M-1, his future in MMA and boxing, and his new action figure collection. Plus watch The Fight Nerd botch the interview… twice.


Is your name Matthew?

Heddy - 

Is your name Matthew?

depends. is your name hedi, friend of shoman? I believe it is :)


arlovski looks like he doesnt want to be here

he had to wake up early for this expo and there was a pre-show party the night before, i doubt he slept much

lol. awesome

 thanks john joe, im still not sure why he moved the mic, but its definitely a highlight reel worthy moment for the fight nerd.


Thanks for sharing... keep up the great work.

that he is, and a spiffy dresser! no affliction shirts for himm plain grey is the only way!

Thanks Groundfighter2000 I voted you up.


ttt funny stuff