Andrei Arlovski will be going live @

Check out the former UFC Heavyweight Champion doing a FREE Live Video Chat tonight at 8pm CST on his website,

This is a rare opportunity to meet and ask Andrei a question directly!

Time: August 15, 2008 at 8pm CST

 That site looks like a can of crushed assholes, but I'm intrigued regardless

in 30 minutes...

 Looks like you gotta sign up

smoogy -  Looks like you gotta sign up

its free to sign up, the VIP membership has a cost i believe, but this time he is doing it free for all, no need for VIP membership!

Andrei Arlovski VIP membership only $39.99/year

...usually things like the LIVE video chat with Andrei you have to be part of VIP membership, but this is FREE, you just registred, no need for VIP in this one.

So who is going to ask Andrei the million dollar question?

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its going on now on the main page, some people are asking good questions...

 did anyone ask him about his big pee pee?