Andrew Garfield speak up!

Stop bloody mumbling. I really had a hard time hearing what he was saying in ASM 1. I hope hes not like it in 2.

I made this thread because the BBC had a tv series get 2,200 complaints because of actor mumbling and it reminded me of Garfield.

Spider-man is Bugs bunny dude he doesnt mumble Phone Post 3.0

I didn't have a problem hearing him I'm asm 2 Phone Post 3.0

Im glad to hear that Phone Post 3.0

I REALLY fucking hate andrew garfield, even tobey "emo spidey" maguire was better, also i liked pleasantville.

both actors suck, and they ruined my favorite character..
Garfield is the lesser of two evils...
he has to mumble, he has to cover up his accent..
Tobey is the worst...

No, fuck you, garfield is far worse.

I can't stand people who mumble!

In the trailer it also sounds like Garfield's voice cracks a few times.

And the jokes seem to be written by bad sitcom writers.

Yes, the jokes are so unfunny