Andrew Golata in MMA?

This would be awesome if it happened. He could hammer
away at groins, bodyslam people like he wanted to
with Tyson. I know he's not really popular but I have
a soft spot for him, and wish he was still fighting.
What does he do now anyways?

I'm not sure what he does now, but he be slaughtered in MMA. Bad attitude, no restraint, slow and clumsy.

I thought he went back to where ever he came from
and became a legbreaker for the mob. Ended up
doing some time.... Seem to recall them mentioning
this on the Bowe v Golata "Legendary Nights"

"Bad attitude, no restraint, slow and clumsy"

Funny you say that, cause there is only one MMA
opponent I really want to see him with... you guessed
it, Tank.

"I know he's not really popular but I have a soft spot
for him"

I always will also. The Bowe wars are still one of my favorite set of fights out there....

Golota belongs on that other thread, the one entitled "Biggest Waste of Talent". It's not that he didn't train, it's just that he was a complete headcase. Right body for the job, wrong mind. Like a more exaggerated Tyson.

SB hit it bang on...good talent, bad mindset....dude used to have panic attacks b4 his fights....bad bad sign....

The Bowe fights were awesome. In the second fight Bowe put Golotoa's teeth through his fucking lip.