Andrew Schulz is a savage


only thing he could fix is the squeaky hiccup laugh


Agreed… Seems to be a trend with the comedians I like to have a silly self laugh (Stavros Hialkas, for instance).


or bert kriescher. brendan shaub beat it to death in his last failed attempt.

Schulz is awesome. His podcast is great and he is anti-woke which makes him even better in my book.


he’s definitely a savage though… great off the cuff and on opinion shows

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Amazing thank you!

Good stuff

Oh man…


You should call in to the OG podcast and listen to me laugh at @Forrest_Spliffn great jokes.


See? Not all cops are bad!

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You’re a cop?

the kind that’s allowed to do bad things to bad people on site with limited questions

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Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Mashable

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Just watched that.

Lost it at “fetus deletus” and “someone here has to deliver”

“Chivalry isnt dead until the baby is dead” was solid too…

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1:59 in an I am laughing my ass off! Where are these comedians when you Rogan and his crew out playing comedian? Wtf?

I will never understand how Rogan is a comedian let alone a successful one. He’s not even slightly funny! This guy crushes him.

Damn that was hilarious and when got to that big vegetarian Iranian “Wtf? You eat Trees?” hahaha

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It’s got a solid start with the part about men going to heaven and talking to God about abortion.

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