Andrew Tate exposes Nike

Any truth to this?


Corporations don’t pay taxes. Nothing new here.

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I like Tate, but I feel that his story will not have a happy ending.

“They” have already deplatformed him after his comments on Covid-19 and masking regulations.

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Do you mean that celebrity wise? Or in his real life? I think on piers Morgan he came off looking bad because he didn’t stand by his words as much as he should’ve. He kinda threw Alex Jones under the bus I’ve seen his past vids of his he called Alex Jones a legend or a g but in the piers interview he said they aren’t friends and went on his podcast a few times kinda made it seem he didn’t know Alex’s views and was distancing himself. I think tate wants mainstream acceptance a bit too much. His material was better when he had less followers

I agree with everything that you said. He looked stressed in that interaction.

I think that Tate’s personal story doesn’t have a happy ending in real life.

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