Andrew Tate is the greatest MMA fighter of all time

Andrew Tate is the UNDEFEATED GOAT of MMA

Andrew Tate defeated Luke Barnatt

Luke Barnatt defeated Andrew Craig

Andrew Craig defeated Rafael Natal

Rafael Natal defeated Uriah Hall

Uriah Hall defeated Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva

Andrew Tate has never lost in MMA yet he’s indirectly beaten every relevant fighter in history besides Rickson

Tate>Everyone via MMAth

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Haters are jealous of his success


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Is Andrew Tate the MMA GOAT? Its worth debating.

One thing I’m certain of is that Tate would murder any of beta males who talk shit about him on the OG.

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Datsik is the linear heavyweight GOAT

Datsik defeated Arlovski
Arlovski defeated Werdum
Werdum defeated Fedor


Are you saying this guy beat the guy, that beat the guy, that beat the guy, that beat the guy, that beat the guy?

If Hickon faced Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed in UFC 1 how would he have gone?

There is only one true answer

Rickson by armbar.


Got damnit this thread making me watch Choke again. I always thought this part was funny with his wife interrupting him and his face.

He is pretty damn good. For sure.